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Imagine truth…
Imagine honesty…
Can you give it?
Can you take it?
Personally, I couldn’t until I wrote this book…

Williams’ story is fascinating and original…an extraordinary memoir of a black man whose life takes a dramatic turn when he feels he has finally found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He prays and asks God if he can/should marry her. The answer from above comes back clearly... No!

– The Villager News
This is a rare look inside the fun loving and festering psyche of one of Austin’s most productive brutha’s. I wish him luck, but no woman wants to hear the truth that he’s telling here…which is why every woman should read this from cover to (oh-no-he-didn’t –say-that-about-the-deacon!) cover.
– John L. Hanson Jr.
"In Black America," National Public Radio
I think the book is one of the best I’ve read. The story kept me interested all the way through to the end… and I’ll read it again after reading the last chapter now that I have a different perspective. I admire you for your willingness to put yourself out there. Honesty is a rare commodity.

Texas, USA

Wow! What a ride. I absolutely loved it. I was torn between wanting read it all in one day or dragging it out a chapter at a time because I didn’t want it to end. I laughed and I cried. Laughed because of the similarities we had growing up. I kept calling my sister in Atlanta and reading excerpts to her about what ya’ll used to do when your parents left you home alone! Cried to think of all the bad relationships leading up to marriage – and I had some “winners” – whew! To sum it up…funny, insightful and very, very deep. Hope you’re already working on a second book.
Texas, USA